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About Magi
Coin Magi ( XMG) was founded in 2014 by Joe Lao and is a decentralized cryptocurrency empowered by everyday people. It focuses on energy efficient mining thanks to the m7mhash (PoW) algorithm and staking functions (PoS). Payments can be made across borders in a friction-less manner at a fraction of the cost. The blockchain is backed by miners and stakers all over the world making the project self-sustainable. You can read more about it in the original whitepaper, the original website and on the community site.
Where to mine
Most popular mining pools are:

For mining XMG you can use m-minerd or cpuminer-opt. Quick tutorial can be found here.

Where to exchange

For storing XMG you can use our online wallet or the original desktop wallet.

This site is intended to be run with a locally hosted API (it's not ready for being public), you will not see the api-dependant data yet.