Private key export
Today I've added the option to export your private key from my webwallet.
Please note that after revealing it, you'll be the one responsible for keeping it safe. Do not share or tinker around with it unless you know what you're doing - this key is your entire wallet and anyone who has access to it would be able to steal your coins.
P.S. I've also added a glossy theme with my efficient blurring solution :D
Posted by revox
13/09/23 19:20

Temporary maintenance
Update: I did it myself! Enjoy!
I'll need some help with compiling the magi core to maybe make it work with big wallets - I've tried for hours but it constantly errors out random libraries. I install one, the next one doesn't work. Currently stuck at boost/chrono errors. I'll pay. Contact me on Discord (revoxsvko) or
For "casual" users: website is currently not operational. Your wallet is safe and I have dailly backups stored, but because the wallet file is so large it doesn't want to open anymore. I'll post updates here and/or on the Duino-Coin Discord server.
Posted by revox
21/08/23 11:00

The news center is back!
Updates and announcements about Magi and this site will appear here.
Posted by revox
21/08/23 11:00

First ever Magi faucet
You can now use our Coin Magi faucet which gives free, random amounts of XMG every hour. Visit the faucet page
Posted by revox
15/04/22 11:04

Small updates
Website received some clean-ups and small additions based on your feedback. More updates will be surely coming in later
Posted by revox
9/04/22 17:55

Possible short downtime is being moved to a completely different server, so expect some possible downtime on the online wallet and the duino-coin webminer. Whole operation shouldn't take more than a few hours.
Posted by revox
16/02/22 8:10

New designs in our store
Christmas is slowly approaching so it may be a great idea to buy yourself (or someone!) some Magi (& Duino) related merch! Today a few new designs have been added and the price of some items has been lowered in our official store - see for yourself:!
Posted by revox
6/12/21 23:04

Edit 26.11: Staking has been confirmed to be working. To check your staking rewards, use - enter your wallet address and you should see stats showing Sent, Received and Staked coins.
mPoS II support has been enabled, but is still experimental. If everything goes well, wallets should automatically earn staking rewards.
Posted by revox
18/10/21 14:23

Duino-Coin & Coin Magi
Online Wallet for Coin Magi (XMG) - our sister coin - has been released in beta phase.
I've been working on it for the past few days and it should be more or less usable - try it out here: and let me know how do you like the design and what to improve.
Posted by revox
16/10/21 16:07